Benefits and Features That Get You Paid Fast

Billing:  Send invoices easily and quickly.  Import your customer lists to avoid manual entry.  Optionally add attachments to explain details.

Receiving Payments:  Collect and deposit payments automatically.  Accept all major credit cards and economical ACH bank transfers.  Easily track cash flow through automated reports and dashboards.

Accounting:  Pass billing and payment data directly into leading accounting packages.  Lessen the need to have an employee or contractor to administer billing and accounts receivables.  Have all data backed-up for easy access and for disaster recovery.

Report Exporting:  Export all reports to Excel or other formats for analysis or record keeping.

Amazing Support

Our team is 100% dedicated to helping you to get paid faster, improve cash flow and save up to 3% of yearly gross revenues.  Fast, friendly and expert service & support is what you’ll receive from us every time.

Easy Invoicing & Cash Collection

Spend less time and money on invoicing, collection and depositing, and more time operating your business.  Increase your percentage of bank transfers to avoid costly credit card fees.  Lessen the need to have a dedicated or part-time billing person.  Avoid duplicate payments and more.

Easy invoicing and cash collection

Track Payments In Real-Time

Know where your money is at any time.  Automatic reports are provided to show the status of your billing process down to the customer level from the time of invoice until the money is in your account.

100% Mobile

We know that you want to access anywhere and at anytime.  That’s why you’ll have access to payments and balances so you can conduct your business “on the go” on any mobile device.  Fast, easy and secure..all on the go.

Safe & Secure Payments

All of your information is completely confidential and stored in our FDIC government compliant bank level encryption secure servers with redundant back-up.  All transactions will be processed with the latest security measures and government oversight.  All data will be backed-up so that if your local computer crashes, you will still have all of your data available.

All Payments Accepted Online

Payments can be accepted from any customer through any major browser.  There will be no need for your customer or you to download compatible apps or be linked through specialized software or purchasing arrangements.  All they need is an email address.

Integrate With Your Accounting Package

We are committed to eliminating manual entries so that you can focus on your core business.  Our system is designed to be integrated with QuickBooks and other leading accounting and industry-specific operations software for effortless transaction flow through to your system.  We can also provide custom solutions for any internally-developed software. 
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