Unlimited Invoices.  Unlimited Users.  Unlimited Savings.

Money Saving Features:


  • Easily construct, edit, send, or void invoices
  • Enter customer lists either manually or through an import utility
  • Attach secured files to the invoice to explain details
  • Add credit card charge-backs to provide incentives to use bank transfers
  • Automatically send payment reminders near and after due dates
  • Note: an extra $1 ACH fee applied to each batch of processed payments; payments batched every 24 hours

Receiving payments

  • Collect and deposit payments automatically
  • Payments are processed by a secure, encrypted, government-compliant transaction partner
  • Customers do not have to download or sign up for any software applications; only need a browser
  • Turn on or off payment options depending on preferences
  • Track full and partial-payment cash flow through an automated dashboard and reports
  • Once an invoice is paid, it is not possible to double-pay; the link will show the bill as “paid”
  • Payments receipts are sent automatically
  • Ability to close out a transaction that has been paid by a mailed traditional check

Accounting and Reporting

  • Interactive graphical dashboard that shows the status of all payments and allows for customer analysis
  • All data backed-up for easy access and for disaster recovery
  • Lessen the need to have an employee or contractor to administer billing and accounts receivables
  • Transaction reports payment status and issue identification
  • Export all reports to Excel or other formats for analysis or record keeping

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